Junk Car Removal

We Buy Car for Cash is one of the most reputable company for selling your junk cars. We have been in the car removal industry long enough to know what it takes to grant our client with the best junk removal services.

Irrespective of your location in Auckland or the neighboring regions, we are delighted to let you know that we will give you a very pleasant experience when you need junk car removal services in Auckland. All you have to do is give us a call at 0800 884 499 to start the process of your junk car removal.


We remove all types of junk cars

No matter the make, or model of your car, we will remove it without asking a question. Whether it is an old Ford model or a relatively new Toyota, we will be glad to move it and pay you good money for it. Additionally, we remove junk cars on all conditions including but not limited to the following-:

  • Accident car removal – if you wrecked your car in accident and you have realized that repairing it will be too costly, then you can sell it to us for top dollars.
  • Old car removal – whether it is old and still in operable condition or it stopped running decades ago and you have harvested some of its parts for use in another car, we will be glad to pay you good money for that as well.
  • Salvage car removal – has your car been issued with a salvage title due to extensive damages? No need to worry. Simply give us a call at 0800 884 499 for a free no obligation cash offer and we will buy your salvage car too.
  • Damaged car removal – Is your car damaged for one reason or another or it has become expensive to maintain for convenient use? We buy all kinds of damaged cars, irrespective of the nature and the extent of the damage.

Quick Junk Car Removal Process

We pride ourselves in offering quick junk car removal services. When you contact us for our car removal services, we will expedite the process to your convenience. As a matter of fact, you can have cash in your pocket within four hours of making contact with us. Below is our fast and efficient junk car removal process in Auckland-:

  • 1.Call us for a free cash offer – you can choose to call us for a free no obligation cash offer for your car. Alternatively, you can get the same by filling in the auto quote form on our website for immediate cash offer.
  • 2.Accept our offer – once we present you with an offer, you have the options of either accepting or rejecting the offer. It comes absolutely with no obligation and it is at your discretion to accept or reject the offer.
  • 3.Removal – if you accept the offer, we will then set a convenient date and time to come for the actual removal. During this, we show up at the agreed location with our tow truck, make cash payment for your junk car and tow it away.
  • That is how simple our process of junk car removal in Auckland is. Call us today at 0800 884 499

    Fair Price for your junk Car

    At We Buy Car for Cash, we offer very fair rates for your junk car. The fact that is old does not mean that it has no value. We do professional valuation to your car and come up with the most appropriate rate for it. In this manner, we will pay you a fair price on your junk car.

    Call us today for reliable and efficient junk car removal services in Auckland. Also feel free to call us if you need additional information on our car removal services.

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