Truck Removal

If you have a used, old or junk truck that you would like to get rid of, then the best thing to do would be to call We Buy Car for Cash at 0800 884 499 for an immediate cash offer. We are one of the reputed cars for cash company in Auckland and it is our joy to offer you top dollars for your old trucks and any other unwanted vehicle.

With our services, you not only get a chance to get rid of your old or junk truck, but also we offer you cash on the spot and sometimes on the very same day that you call us. Therefore, don’t let that old rugged truck continue to take unnecessary space in your driveway and ruin the aesthetics of your compound when you could sell it for instant cash. Call us now at 0800 884 499 and learn how easy our process of truck removal in Auckland is.


Instant Cash for your old truck – get up to $6,999

There are several truck removal companies in Auckland, but this is not a guarantee that all of them will give you a nice cash offer on your truck. As usual, you desire to work with a company which is genuine and fair enough to value your truck correctly and make a commensurate cash offer to you.

The last thing you need is the company to value your truck at zero simply because it is old or it is no longer running. At We Buy Car for Cash, we have dependable auto appraisers who will use the information you give us on your car to value it correctly and present with the most accurate offer. In this manner, you will get exactly what your car is worth. And you will be surprised to know that you can get up to $6,999 for your truck removal.

Call us now at 0800 884 499 to know how much your old truck would cost if we remove it.

Free Truck Removal in Auckland

Our truck removal services in Auckland are absolutely free. You are never bothered by paying towing fees or processing fee of any form. Once you accept our cash offer, we will show up on the agreed location at the agreed date and time, pay you in cash then load your truck onto our tow trucks.

We would also like to bring it to you attention that we serve all the areas in Auckland as well as the neighboring regions. Therefore, be prepared to not spend a dime when you call us for our truck removal services.

A Variety of Truck Removal Services

With the experience, tools and equipment we have, we possess the versatility to offer a wide range of truck removal services. These include by are not limited to the following-:

  • Old truck removal
  • Cash for old trucks
  • Accident truck removal
  • Scrap truck removal
  • Damaged truck removal
  • Cash for cars
  • Cash for vans
  • Scrap Car removal
  • Truck Towing Auckland

Fast and efficient services

Our truck removal services in Auckland have been designed to make you have money in your pocket in the least time possible. The process is simple and easy, and once you accept our cash offer, we could remove your truck within four hours.

Additionally, our services are very flexible, and the fact that they are available on a 24/7 basis gives you the convenience to call for us at any time of the day or night and you can also schedule for the pick up at any time of your convenience.

Call us today at 0800 884 499 for the best truck removal services in Auckland or if you need more information about our services.

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